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See Curated in action.

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See Curated in action.

Created by designers for designers

A collaboration by

Wigwam Creative AIGA Colorado

When you download the Curated app, you'll have a local hot list of the places you really want to see in Denver — created by designers for designers. Search for the perfect cup of coffee or crafted brew, create a day of shopping & sipping, or find great late-nite grub. Curated was made for those who want to explore the rad, crafty, and creative side of the city.

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Curate your visit

From retail to recreation and everything in between, pick and choose from hundreds of locations with a simple category filter.

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Find what you love

With Curated, it’s easy to find what you love. By tapping the heart, you’ll send the location to your favorites list for safe keeping.

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Hidden gems

It’s easy to find the popular attractions and hot spots, but Curated helps you find the hidden spots that locals love.

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